About Boudoira

Meet the Artist

Hi, I’m Chuck! I have been a full-time portrait and fashion photographer for a dozen years. The son of an art teacher, I have always been creating, designing and building things – landscaping, stained glass, furniture – and photography became a natural extension of an already creative lifestyle. Blessed with a beautiful, supportive wife and business partner, also a talented professional portrait photographer, and two amazingly smart and beautiful daughters.

Having ventured into boudoir photography for primarily artistic reasons, my favorite aspect of boudoir photography has become bearing witness to the transformation as the boudoir shoot unfolds. I often see nervous women who walk into their session obviously feeling well out of their comfort zone, somewhat unaware of what to expect, quickly become increasingly comfortable in front of the lens, and finish glowing with confidence as the goddesses that they truly are. It’s amazing to see how boudoir photo shoots empower women, and hearing their stories of why they initially wanted the shoot, what the experience was like and how they feel about themselves after.

Why Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Photography is such a fascinating space for a creative, artistic spirit and an intriguing opportunity to influence how people think of the genre. I have always loved discovering what makes people beautiful, interesting and unique, collaborating on creative ideas to express it in photography and the reward of seeing how my art makes people feel. The reactions to their images, seeing their own beauty and personality shine in a way they never dreamed possible, gaining self-confidence and feeling empowered. Boudoir offers all of that and more. The opportunity to create truly interesting images with more personality, more emotion, more creativity, more fashion, more drama, more artistry, and more fun.

Our Style

Our style is a blend of lifestyle, editorial, fashion and fine art portraiture. A tasteful, artistic celebration of your beauty, your sexuality, your personality and what makes you unique. Settings that are simple and intimate. Genuine emotion. Capturing your personality and your unique brand of sexy. Creative fashion and styling. Images you would be proud to show your mom. Candid moments.

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